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Tacos Rossy

Tacos Rossy

San José del Cabo has some of the freshest seafood in Mexico. Being on the Mar de Cortez and a stone's throw from Pacific makes San José one of the premier fishing destinations in the world.  For many coastal restaurants in Baja California Sur, seafood is brought in daily -- sometimes even twice daily.  The fish is thrown on the grill or simply splashed with lime and served raw.  When fish is this fresh, it really doesn't need that much preparation. Taquería Rossy has exceptionally fresh fish.  The restaurant's decor -- much like an abandoned high school cafeteria with the fluorescent lights permanently off -- is not representative of the quality of the food.  It's a local restaurant that has become popular during lunch and the staff, much like everyone else in Baja California, is relaxed and comfortable with the foreigners who have discovered this fantastic place.

While the menu does have meat options not ordering fish would doing yourself a disservice.  It's too good to skip.

Cocktail de Callo

Cocktail de Callo de Hacha - Raw scallops, tomato, avocado, cilantro, and lime in a goblet filled with chilled shellfish broth.  Served with crispy corn totopos to add some textural contrast.

Tacos Rossy, San José del Cabo, Mexico - Campechana

Cocktail de Callo de Hacha - Chilled and fresh.  The shellfish flavors the broth turning it into a chilled soup.

Tacos Rossy, San José del Cabo, Mexico - Fish taco

Taco de Pescado - The fish taco, made from whatever fish was freshly caught that morning (generally marlin or sea bass), is served quite plain.  Just a piping hot breaded filet atop a corn tortilla.  The batter -- not at all oily -- makes the fish crispy while locking in the moisture.  The restaurant has a condiments bar with a variety of salsas (red, green, guacamole), pico de gallo, and other raw accompaniments.

Tacos Rossy, San José del Cabo, Mexico - Fish taco overhead

Taco de Pescado con Salsa - After some fun at the condiments bar.  It's easy to go overboard with all the choices, but most locals seem to keep it to one or two toppings.

Tacos Rossy, San José del Cabo, Mexico - Fish taco with salsa

Taco de Pescado con Limón y Pepino - Tacos are generally served with thick slices of cucumber or radish garnished with salt and lime.  The freshness and acidity of the raw vegetables cleanse the palate between bites of the fried fish.

Tacos Rossy truly has some of the best fish tacos in San José.  The combination of the prices and informal atmosphere make it even more appealing.  It's a must-stop for an obligatory fish taco while in this charming town.

El Lago de los Cisnes

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