I’m not a restaurant critic, nor am I involved with food professionally.  I’m a software engineer who has a passion to eat and share my culinary experiences.  Most importantly, I love food.

My obsession with food started when I was 13.  My close friend who had just moved from Sichuan, China invited me to spend the summer with him and his family in the heart of China.  Let me say it’s no coincidence that I weigh the same now as I did when I was thirteen.  The burn of spicy peppers, sweetness of soy milk, umami of MSG, and smooth textures of offal were incredibly exciting. I came home and started steaming rice and visiting Flushing on weekends.

Later on, I spent 5 years living in New York as a student where I experienced a wide variety of incredible foods.  This was during a time when I probably should have been studying. In between classes, I would cook.  My senior year, I spent my Saturdays taking classes at the French Culinary Institute. When I wasn’t cooking, I was eating.  A lot.  My food journal has grown to over a thousand restaurants ranging from marathon meals at L’Ambroisie to a slice of pizza at Kesté, and many places in between.

When I travel I update my Twitter and Facebook pages continually and write full postsabout the more interesting places when I get back.  I created a universal RSS feed which aggregates all my online activity so you only have to follow one place.  My backlog of restaurants is significant enough that my approach to blogging is write first, revise later. You’re bound to find errors and typos and please contact me if you do.  My fingers simply can’t keep up with my stomach!

Stay tuned, it’s bound to make you hungry.

- Adam