What an aesthetically beautiful restaurant. Rather than eating in a large room, the restaurant was segmented off into smaller rooms which, combined with the natural woods, large shuttered windows, and comfortable living-room chairs, almost felt like eating in a nice country house. There was a bit of coldness, though, from the white walls and marble floor ... but nothing too bad, just enough to remind you that this was indeed a restaurant. The lighting was also very bright -- no candlelight here!I started this meal at the hands of our waiter who recommended the empanada special of the day. This was a mistake. The dish was less like empanada, and more like an egg white omelet with tomato sauce as can be seen in the picture. Then again, what was I doing ordering an empanada in an Italian-esque restaurant? But still, as my friend says, a menu should not be a minefield and there should be no such thing as ordering wrong. My main was the pasta special of the day: Cappelletti san martino y Oreccheitte. This was a little better; but, still nothing spectacular. The pasta albeit fresh, was way over cooked. The tomato sauce, which I'd previously experienced with my essence of empanada, was a little bland ... undersalted, I think.

Empanadas del Día

Cappelletti san martino y Oreccheitte amatriciana, salsa de cebolla, panceta, tomate un poco picante

Dessert was pretty standard and consisted of dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream. I wanted something sweet.

Homemade Pasta Page

Mescla de Helados

All in all, pretty mediocre ... we should have gone back to Azafrán!

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