This place had a really nice pizza. It was the first slice I’d eaten since arriving here and it could compete against NY thin crust slices any-day (similar to Otto). A little pricey for a pizzeria; but then again, it’s more of a sit-down restaurant that happens to have good pizzas. Unlike traditional pizzerias, Morelia adds an Argentine twist by grilling its pies, making the crust crunchy and slightly smoky. The dough is lightly brushed with olive oil, grilled, and flipped at which point the cheese and other toppings are added. The flipping of the crust makes sure that both sides are really crispy and don't become soggy ... really nice. I ordered a margarita pie, a vegetable pie, and a chanterelle, caramelized onions and white cheese pie (no tomato sauce). I always feel like I have to get a margarita pie just to have some basis for comparison between pizzerias ... while this pie was really nice texturally, it was way too cheesy for me and had very little sauce. I would definitely stay away from the plain pie next time. The vegetable pie was packed high with broccoli, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and roasted tomatoes and, surprisingly, the super thin crust was able to support all this weight. My favorite pie, of the three, was the chanterelle and white cheese ... really nicely balanced between the saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the onions.