The more I eat at Estela, the more I want to return. Chef Ignacios Mattos has an uncanny ability to take familiar ingredients and present them in unfamiliar ways. His cooking is simple and straight-forward yet rich with flavor, precise and innovative. 

Photos from my meal on April 10, 2015


First Brunch at Cosme

Cosme, New York, now serves brunch from 11:30am - 2:30pm on Sundays. I stopped by today for a late lunch. The space transitioned nicely from dark and elegant at night to cool, breezy, and sunlit at noon. There aren't many places in New York serving chilaquilesenfrijoladas, and sopa de tortilla at this level on Sundays. Be sure to try Enrique Olvera's modern take on the tortilla soup, a cross between a lobster bisque and more traditional sopa de tortilla with a tomato-based broth.